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PubCom's book division—PubCom Media—provides the best training materials for the accessibility industry by two leading gurus, Bevi Chagnon and Karen McCall M.Ed.

Coming in January

Book cover, Accessible InDesign Plus PDF. Accessible InDesign + PDF
Bevi Chagnon's thorough guide to making layouts in Adobe InDesign that export to accessible, complaint PDFs.

200+ page workbook with step-by-step details from start to finish..

$55 USD per copy (print only)

New! Cheat Sheet for Accessible Word and PDFs

Cheat Sheet for Accessible Documents.Bevi Chagnon's cheat sheet for creating accessible documents (PDFs and Word docouments) per WCAG and PDF/UA accessibility standards. This cheat sheet is part of the core foundation materials in her accessibility classes for MS Office, Acrobat PDF, and Adobe InDesign.

$9.45 USD per copy (eBook available now in accessible PDF file format)

Updated! Unicode Character Chart

Unicode Character Chart.Got Dingbats? is a handy 2-page (one sheet, double-sided) guide to 101 of the most commonly used Unicode characters for STEM symbols, punctuation, dingbats, emoji, and other special characters for publishers. Also recommends OpenType/Unicode fonts with extended character sets.

$9.45 USD per copy (available now in accessible PDF file format)

Coming in 2019

Book cover, Accessible Word Plus PDF. Book cover, Accessible PDFs. Book cover, An Introduction to Accessible Information. Book cover, accessible PDFs: The Visual Guidebook for PDF/UA-1 Compliance.Book cover, Accessibility for Writers and Editors.

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