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Technologists for Accessible Design + Publishing

We have a different philosophy: make documents accessible right from the start.

We teach how to use Word, PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign — everyday software without any special add-ons — to create accessible documents that need little remediation to become fully compliant with Sec. 508, AODA, HHS, PDF/UA, WCAG, and other regulations and accessibility standards.

Born accessible. It just makes sense.

We teach. So you can do.

Upcoming accessibility classes!

Accessible InDesign + PDF

Class begins August 5 — A Live Online Class

Mentored Class with Bevi Chagnon. The online session begins August 5and continues each Friday morning for a total of 4 sessions. An intermediate level class.

Accessible Word + PDF

Class June 13–15 — A Live Online Class

3-session intensive class covers how to make an accessible Word document that exports to an accessible PDF. Also includes how to check your PDFs for the basic accessibility requirements. This is a foundation class for anyone entering the accessibility field. Beginner level class.

Accessible PDF Forms: Designing and Making PDF Forms from Adobe InDesign & Word

Class July 67 — A Live Online Class

A 2-day intensive class teaches how to make accessible forms from Adobe InDesign and MS Word. Advanced level class: must have prior knowledge of accessible InDesign.


Accessible PDFs: Checking and Remediating PDFs

July 2526 — A Live Online Class

Short, intensive class teaches how to check, test, and verify PDFs for compliance with PDF/UA and WCAG standards. For those who must check their own work, or review files from others and outside contractors. Beginner level class.



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  • Accessible InDesign + PDF
  • Accessible Word + PDF
  • Accessible PowerPoint + PDF
  • How to Check, Remediate, and Validate PDFs
  • Accessible Word Templates
  • Writing Alt-Text
  • Accessibility for Writers and Editors
  • Just Tables

We’re PubCom.

Our team of talented folks are publishing professionals with decades of experience in taking ideas from initial draft to published product across all media. We've been in the accessibility field for 25 years. We are a woman-owned small corporation and not controlled by private investor or venture capital firms.

We love our jobs and work to bring equal access to all forms of information for our citizens.
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What to learn more? Some of the DIY accessibility books from
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  • Accessible Word + PDF
  • Accessible InDesign + PDF
  • Accessible PDFs
  • Easy Guide to Writing Alt Text

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