Accessible InDesign + PDF

By Bevi Chagnon

Screen capture of the book, Accessible and Usable PDF Documents.

The definitive, step-by-step workbook for creating accessible PDFs from Adobe InDesign.

Written and developed by Bevi Chagnon, an award-winning art director with decades of experience in publishing everything from commercial newsstand magazines to long government documents, books, and marketing materials.

About the author

Bevi knows her stuff. With 25+ years in accessible document design and 30+ year as a designer and art director, she is an Adobe Community Professional who contributes regularly on the public forums, answering accessibility questions for InDesign, Acrobat, and PDF forms.
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She's also a delegate to the ISO committees (International Standards Organization) for PDF and PDF/UA standards, a member of the PDF Association, and a contributing member to several trade association committees for accessibility.
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And she's an AIGA member.
AIGA logo, the professional association for design.

Half designer. Half geek. 100% teacher.


  • Importing text from Word...and maintaining the accessibility.
  • Controlling story threads.
  • Using styles to specify tags.
  • Controlling the PDF's reading orders in InDesign.
  • Creating accessible tables, TOCs, and hyperlinks.
  • Making graphics accessible, adding Alt-text.
  • Exporting an accessible PDF.
  • Checking the PDF for compliance.
  • Designer tricks and tips.

Updated in late 2020 for the latest versions of Adobe InDesign and Acrobat Pro DC.

Sample Pages

Sample page of the table of contents.

Sample page about accessible I C T.

Sample page of importing Word files.

Sample page about accessible table structure.

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