Accessible PDFs and EPUBs from Adobe InDesign "Glamour" Layouts

Out team's talent stretches long and deep into the graphic design and publishing industries, so we don't flinch a bit when handling complex design files from Adobe InDesign. We're accomplished graphic designers as well as InDesign experts.

The USDA Forest Service is a US federal agency that manages the country's national forests and grasslands.

PubCom provides a package of services for their regional offices and divisions. Services include remediation of documents for accessibility, training of staff in how to create accessible Word and InDesign files, and consultation.

Cover, Backcountry Discovery Train, Plumas National Forest.This project is a 64-page tour guide for visitors to Plumas National Forest in California. The complex layout contained many visually rich graphics that describe the scenes and historical points of interest along the route. Topographical maps open each chapter of the guide book.

The book was designed with a dual stream of information in each chapter; one describes the mile markers and historical points, the other provides the driving directions. It also contains many sidebars with text and graphics about significant historic, environmental, and cultural information.

Opening chapter spread shows a detailed topographic map on the left side of the spread, photos of the area, and key waypoints along the route.

Typical interior spread shows the main text that describes the milestone points along the route. The driving directions appear on the right side of the spread.

Interior spread shows a typical sidebar on the left side. This sidebar about the region's geology has an illustration of the geologic formations in the area.


  • Fully remediated and accessible source InDesign INDD and IDML layout files that maintain the graphic designer's original visual design.
  • Fully accessible PDF exported from InDesign.
  • Fully accessible EPUB exported from InDesign.