Accessible Reports, Memos, and Office Documents

We're document specialists who long ago mastered the art, craft and software tools to produce all kinds of reports and technical documentation. Our expertise includes MS Office applications as well as professional design software.

Cover of the FCA 2016 Proposed Budget and Performance Plan.The Farm Credit Administration (FCA) is a US federal agency that provides finance options for America's farmers.

We provide FCA with a package of services ranging the development of accessible templates in Word to testing/remediation of the PDFs they create from the templates.

The templates maintain the agency's original design and visual formatting so there is a continuity of the agency's branding and visual identify. Visitors to the agency's website will discern little visual difference between the newer accessible documents and the legacy ones.

However, behind the scenes, a wealth of accessibility features have been built into the templates so that authors and editors can quickly make accessible Word documents and PDFs, even those with lengthy tables, footnotes, and complex graphical charts.

Screen capture of the budget report in MS Word.

Screen capture of a page with a bar graph and matching data table in MS Word.

The custom user manuals and PubCom's ongoing technical support ensure that agency staff get the right answers to their technical questions.


  • Fully remediated and accessible source Word templates for reports, memos, correspondence, newsletters, and other office documents..
  • User manuals for the Word templates.
  • Testing, review and light remediation to certify the customer-created PDFs exported from the Word templates.
  • Training in accessibility with Word, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Acrobat for the agency's writers, editors, support staff, and graphic designers.
  • Ongoing technical support for staff as they create the agency's ongoing documents.