Journal Publishing

PubCom has extensive background in journal and academic publishing, beginning first with typesetting and graphic design of traditional print journals, then desktop publishing and XML/database-enabled publications, and now producing accessible PDF e-journals.

Cover of the CSUN Journal 2016 edition.The CSUN Journal (California State University Northridge) is one of the most noted journals on accessibility for technology and PubCom produced the journal's 2016 conference proceedings.

In the project, the client provided edited and well-styled MS Word documents with Alt-text for the graphics.

We performed final tweaking of the source Word files to make them more accessible, maintained journal publishing standards for footnotes and references, and produced individual PDF files for each Journal chapter. We also maintained the client's original visual formatting.

Screen capture of individual chapter page.Knowing that individual chapters are often distributed and read without the other chapters, each individual PDF was designed to stand alone; it has the CSUN Journal logo on the opening page, as well as the Journal's boilerplate information at the end of each chapter file.

The individual PDFs were then consolidated into a final PDF volume of the entire Journal to create a traditional journal volume.


  • Fully remediated and accessible source Word files.
  • Revised cover design and graphics.
  • Fully remediated and accessible PDF for each of the chapters.
  • Fully remediated and accessible PDF that compiled all of the individual chapters into one PDF.