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Technologists for Accessible Design + Publishing

Founded more than 30 years ago by Bevi Chagnon, PubCom today provides a full suite of services to help your team create and publish.

We help you take advantage of the latest technologies to get your message out to your audience as efficiently and effectively as possible. And fully Sec. 508 accessible, too.

Accessibility roots

In the 1990s, PubCom worked with a small, talented group of web developers on what was then called "web standards," and a few years later that work evolved into WCAG — Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, the mother of all accessibility standards.

In 2001 — a few months after the initial version of Sec. 508 legislation went into effect — PubCom created the first courses at the US Government Publishing Office (GPO) for making accessible PDFs from Adobe InDesign, MS Word, and MS PowerPoint. Soon afterwards, we added accessible websites to our class roster.

ISO Logo.We've continued to push the envelope of accessibility for all forms of digital communication. Today, Bevi Chagnon is a member of the ISO committee for the PDF and PDF/UA-1 standards which set the accessibility standards for PDF documents. Additionally, the firm is a member of the PDF Association, IAAP, and other industry trade associations.

Design + Publishing track record

Since the early days of desktop computers, PubCom has worked with the major software manufacturers on the development of the "household name" programs that are on your computer today. Many of our employees and associates are certified in Microsoft and Adobe software programs.

Adobe Community Professional Bevi's avatar in online forums.
(Bevi has been doing this for so long that she likes to say a little bit of her computer DNA is woven into many programs that are on nearly every computer worldwide. She has 35 years' worth of brainstorming ideas with tech companies and helped form many that are still used today. That's amazing! Catch her on Adobe's community forums and other open forums.)

No matter if you publish via digital media, web, or traditional print — or a combination of these cross-media technologies — we have you covered.

The team

We are a talented team of…

  • experts for government, commercial, trade, and academic publishing
  • graphic designers & art directors
  • editors & writers
  • trainers
  • programmers
  • accessibility specialists
  • remediators and accessibility testers
  • publishing workflow analysts
  • experts for XML and automated database publishing
  • web developers, and
  • accessibility experts

Together, we have more than 200 combined years of experience in the publishing, marketing, and accessibility industries.

Learn about our team members...

""Our street creds in brief.

PubCom Media publishes our books

In 2017, we launched our publishing subsidiary, PubCom Media, to publish our self-help DIY books on how to make accessible documents. Our authors are the best brains in the industry. Their books take you step-by-step through the process so that you become self-sufficient in making compliant PDF and MS Office documents, as well as Adobe InDesign layouts.  "" Visit our online bookstore.

Our publishing division, PubCom Media, publishes the leading "how-to" books in the industry for creating accessible documents.

Accessibility isn't an afterthought for us, something that's done at the last minute before the message is published.

Instead, we teach how to build in accessibility right from the start to create the most accessible versions of your documents at the least cost to you.

We teach your staff to fish

Our employees, contract specialists, and strategic partners are the best in the industry, dedicated to sharing their expertize with you.

We teach what we do and we like teaching people how to fish. That knowledge will last you a lifetime.

Sketch of a stick figure fishing.

In addition to our design, development and Sec. 508 remediation services, we spend a good portion of our time teaching you how to do it through our classes, on-site customized training, consulting, and technical support.

"" See our short slidedeck about how we help publishers.

Our motto: We want to work ourselves out of a job.

It's true. We want to train and advise you so well that you become fully adept at making accessible documents and don't need us again.

That's our goal.

Good thing we love what we do because with a motto like that, we're not going to retire any time soon!

Drop us a line when you want to fish. Or make accessible documents.

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