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Tech Support and Mentoring

PubCom's mentoring program has been highly successful, especially when combined with our training and technical consulting.

Whether on-site or via remote conferencing, our designers and developers can be be available for any length of time as you develop a project, acting as advisors, programmers, and on-the-spot trainers. It's an effective way to meet your production schedule while your staff is still "cutting its teeth" in website development, desktop publishing, or accessibility.

Plus, it extends the learning phase beyond the formal classroom and integrates it with real-world projects. Contracts for mentors can be for one week to several months in duration.

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Let Us Share our Expertise

We're seasoned professionals in graphic arts, publishing and multimedia, proficient on both Macintosh and Windows platforms. We know what works and what doesn't and give you solutions that are practical, proven, effective and affordable.