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We look at communication from all angles — from the targeted audience and your intended goals to the visual design and presentation of your information to the hardware, software and technology that gets the job done right. PubCom has a long track record — more than 30 years! — in publishing and marketing as well as computer technology, so you are assured that our recommendations are based on a wide breadth of knowledge about the industry.

Our core services are:

Our goal is to give you solutions that match your publishing needs, whether it's recommending the best software for your tasks or providing a complete package of training, follow-up technical support and design. And note that we are committed to long-term service and support to our customers.

How PubCom Can Help

Our long track-record in publishing and technology lets us look at your communication needs from all angles.

We can improve your workflow, train your staff, and create professionally designed templates to get your publications and websites up and running quickly.

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Customized group training

Customized templates for Word, InDesign, and EPUBs — all Section-508 compliant, naturally!

Technology assessments

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