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PubCom has very flexible training programs that can be customized to your needs. Emphasis is placed on how to create the types of websites, intranets and print publications your company needs. We offer the following training options.

Customized classroom training for one to six people at our multimedia training lab in Takoma Park, Maryland. Our classes can focus on a particular software program or a complete suite of tools so your development team becomes skilled in all the applications required to construct your projects.

On-site training for individuals or groups up to 12 people (maximum for hands-on computer classes) customized to meet your organization’s project needs. We also offer technical seminars for large audiences (up to 40 people) to address topics for your work teams.

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Photo of a group classroom session.

Train with a Seasoned Pro

Bevi Chagnon, a well-known instructor and speaker, teaches not just at PubCom’s training lab but also has taught at several Washington-area colleges and has developed college-level curricula for desktop publishing, graphic design, multimedia, and website development. She's a senior instructor for the U.S. Government Printing Office’s Institute (IFPEP) and through them, trains and consults with countless government publishers nationwide.