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Why PubCom's Training is Superior

1) PubCom's lead instructor, Bevi Chagnon, is a seasoned professional in publishing, grahic arts, digital media, and website development with nearly 40 years of nationally recognized, hands-on experience in the field. She has faced the same challenges you face. She knows what works and what doesn't and she teaches you skills that are practical, proven and effective.

Adobe Certified Expert logo2) Bevi is an ACE Adobe Certified Expert. ACEs not only demonstrated proficiency with one or more Adobe software products, they've passed product-specific proficiency exams and adhere to the ACE terms and conditions.

3) No novice instructors. For instance, Bevi is a dynamic teacher with years of experience instructing adults to use computer technology and creative software she knows how to present complex ideas in a non-technical, non-intimidating manner. Bevi applies that same standard when choosing additional instructors to wear the PubCom badge.

4) PubCom's courses teach you how to create publications, websites, intranets, and stunning photographs, focusing on understanding the process not on just magic mouse clicks. You'll learn how to make the right decisions, not just what buttons to push.

5) Bevi is a well-known expert in Washington communications, and works extensively with government agencies, non-profit organizations, trade associations, and businesses. She knows and understands the issues behind your publications and websites.

6) Classes at PubCom's training lab are kept to a maximum of six students, which allows plenty of individualized and focused attention to each student.

Bevi says...

“I teach what I love. Digital media, design, publishing, and website development. I adhere to all the traditional pedagogies for adult learners, which I mastered while teaching at some wonderful colleges. Some of my classes focus on theory and big-picture concepts, others are hands-on and technical. When teaching programmers website development, I slip in basic guidelines for visual design. And when teaching designers, I demystify the technology they're using. Using both sides of my brain, I teach others to use both sides of theirs.”

PubCom's classes and instructors specialize in the realm of digital media and publishing for government agencies and non-profits, a niche industry particular to the Washington metro area.