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PubCom's classes at the US Government Publishing Office (GPO)

Logo, G.P.O.Many of PubCom's classes are held at GPO through their training Institute for Federal employees.

For more than 20 years, PubCom has been selected as a training contractor to the GPO. We're proud of many years of service to federal government publishers worldwide and consider it an honor to work with our colleagues at the GPO.

Our FY 2016 class schedule for GPO Institute classes is listed in our calendar: www.pubcom.com/classes/calendar.php.

PubCom is a leading expert for federal government publishing.

We focus on design, software, technology, procurement, publishing workflow, and Sec. 508-accessibility for print and digital publishing. Other great classes are available at GPO, including printing technologies, customer service, and GPO contracts/procurement for printing.

Registration for GPO's classes is directly through the GPO's training Institute. These sessions are open only to Federal and Districut of Columbia employees and full-time on-site contractors, not the general public. (GPO's mission is to provide services to other Federal agencies.)

Logo, G.P.O.Visit GPO's website to register for these class sessions. www.gpo.gov/customers/theinstitute.htm

Because these are GPO classes, PubCom does not process registrations or payments for them.

•> To view the GPO-U class schedule and to register for any of the classes on this page, visit GPO's website:

Logo, G.P.O.GPO's classes are open only to Federal and District of Columbia government agencies, and certain federal contractors. (The GPO is a service agency to other federal government agencies and can not provide these services to commercial enterprises or to the general public.)

Dates and fees listed on GPO's website are subject to change by GPO, so please confirm the classes with them at 202-512-1283, TheInstitute@GPO.gov, or through their website at http://www.gpo.gov/customers/theinstitute.htm.

GPO Institute

The US Government Publishing Office is a service agency to federal government publishers.

Formerly named the US Government Printing Office, it was created by Congress in 1860 to publish and manage the US federal government's information. It's name was officially changed in 2015 to reflect the recent changes in communication technologies.

The GPO Institute is its internal training office that provides classes to all federal government publishers, District of Columbia government publishers, and certain federal government contractors.

For more than 20 years, PubCom has conducted classes for GPO employees and its government clients.

We're proud to again be part of their core team of trainers for FY 2016.

Register for GPO classes at the GPO Institute.


GPO's Free Seminars

GPO-U conducts free seminars at locations around the country.

Although we do not teach these seminars, we highly recommend that government publishers take advantage of these informative (and free) events.

•>GPO's On the Road semianrs: