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Custom Group Training

PubCom's custom group training, either in its training lab or onsite at your location, is ideal for small and large groups that need training tailored to their specific work requirements.

Work teams who develop websites or produce publications find that this type of training brings everyone to the same skill level, which can improve your team's efficiency.

Custom group training covers not only the latest web authoring, graphics, and desktop publishing software, but also the process of creating websites and print publications: your group learns a complete set of skills helping them work more confidently.

About PubCom's Custom Training

Sessions are designed around your needs.
These custom group classes are designed to meet your needs. We meet with you and your work team before the training sessions and review the type of projects you’ll be creating, current skills, technical requirements, and the capabilities you wish to develop.

Sessions are flexible.
We can train by the hour, half-day, full-day, or multi-day sessions so that we can create a training schedule to meet your organization’s requirements. Evening and weekend schedules are also available.

Sessions generally are six hours long plus one hour for lunch and short breaks (seven hours total time). Our most requested time slots are 9am – 4pm and 8:30am – 3:30pm.

If your organization needs a different time schedule, please contact Bevi Chagnon so she can arrange a schedule that meets your staff’s needs.

Locations and class size.
Classes at PubCom's training lab can accommodate up to four students. On-site classes at your organization are limited to 12 students for hands-on computer classes, and 40 students for seminars.

CEUs and professional certificates.
Students receive class certificates and CEUs based on the number of hours of training. A professional certificate in website design, desktop publishing, or computer graphics is awarded after five days (30 hours) of training.

Additional Details

Fees for custom group training

•> Request our fee schedule for non-profits, studios, corporations, and publishers

•> Request our fee schedule for government publishers

Books and handouts

Fees include one book and a set of handouts for each student enrolled in a class lasting one day or longer. Your group has its choice of book arrangements:

  • all students receive the same book, or
  • a selection of books can be provided for the group to act as a resource "library" for your office.

Please discuss these options with Bevi 20 days before your training begins.

For seminars and ½ day training sessions, books are available at an additional fee, usually 10% off list price.

Travel fees

Travel, food, and lodging fees may apply for training conducted outside the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

Contact us

•> Contact us for available training dates or to investigate how our on-target, practical training can help you perform more effectively.

Course Topics

Any of our general ongoing classes can be customized for your organization. Plus, there are many other topics our instructors can teach.

Here's a •> full list of course topics for you to choose from.


"Superb training—probably the best onsite training I’ve had.

"Superior instructor and timely, applicable info. "

— Government publisher


Contact us about how we can offer you custom training training tailored to your specific work requirements.