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Pirvacy Statement

PubCom does not sell or distribute your information to anyone.

Our websites do not track your movements. No ads. No tracing cookies. None of that stuff.

The ecommerce shopping cart will record your order and shopping cart, but your credit card information is passed along to the processing bank and is not retained by us.

If you sign up for our newsletters, we will contact you periodically with news about the publishing and accessibility industries, as well as our courses and services. You can opt-out at any time by contacting us at info@pubcom.com

Basically, your life is your life and we will try not to interfere with it!

In a Nutshell...

PubCom is a woman-owned small business (corporation) that specializes in training, consulting, and design services for the multimedia, electronic, web, and print publishing industries.

Windows & Macintosh logos   And we're "platform agnostic," working seamlessly on both Apple and Windows workstations.


PubCom's principal trainers have nearly 100 years combined experience in publishing and computer technologies, making PubCom one of the most knowledgeable sources of advice for cross-media communication.